aka "Ghost"




    Leo Leonelli, aka "Ghost"





    Political Bias:

    U.S. Constitution Loyalist


    Business 1:

    Founder-Director of Leonelli Press, LLC

    (division of Leo Leonelli, LLC)

    Publisher of:

    "American Angevil"

    "The Four Fulfillments"

    "Health Hack Stack"

    "Blackjack One-Sheet"

    "LeoLeo Cruises - Travel Blog"


    Business 2:

    Founder-Director of LeoLeo Investments, LLC

    (division of Leo Leonelli, LLC)

    Holder of:

    Real Estate, REITs, Gold, and Silver


    Business 3:

    Founder/ Director of Master Sniper Specialist, LLC

    (division of Leo Leonelli, LLC)

    Coordinator of:

    The Master Sniper Specialist Certification Program


    Business 4:

    Singer-Songwriter-Producer of Apollo Music Vibe

    (division of Leo Leonelli, LLC)









    English/ Italian




    Long-Distance Shooting

    Road Cycling




    Iron-Shirt Qigong Master

    2nd Dan Kenpo Karate

    Reiki Master

    SCAR/ Muay Thai


    Karambit Knife Fighter

    Special Forces Sniper




    Leo Leonelli was born in Honolulu, HI and is a University of Hawaii Graduate.


    He’s also an Army ROTC Graduate that led him to become a trained Army Ranger Officer and Spec Ops Sniper.


    He soon left the military to work in corrections, law enforcement, and contract security management in the East and West Coast.


    He eventually got into the construction industry as a subcontractor specializing in suspended ceiling construction for casinos.


    He’s a semi-pro blackjack player and has been banned to play at the MGM Grand.


    He’s currently the Founder/Director for Leonelli Press, LeoLeo Investments, Master Sniper Specialist; the Singer-Songwriter-Producer for Apollo Music Vibe; and the Travel Journalist-Editor for LeoLeo Cruises, which is currently under a moratorium due to the Covid Plandemic.


    He has three non-fictions and one novel coming down the pike:

    1. “Blackjack One-Sheet: How to win 25% of your bankroll 80% of the time.”

    2. “Health Hack Stack: Insider Health Optimization Secrets.”

    3. “The Four Fulfillments: The To-Be-Do-Have Secret Formula.”

    4. “American Angevil: The Underground Sniper Hit Squad for the Republic."




    "Your age does not influence your life as much as what you choose to dominate your attention on since what you protract in the latter expands into your life." ~ Leo Leonelli


    “Great relationships thrive not because their conditions are perfect or to having no issues, it does so due to both parties - prioritizing - on the things that matter to make their relationship great.” ~ Leo Leonelli


    "I am all that I witness within my consciousness;

    hence, I gratefully experience everything I encounter

    while steadily flowing down the river of life with the goal

    of observing unattached my mortal journey of a lifetime."

    ~ Leo Leonelli